St. Mary's Secondary School


Science Lab 
Keeping in tune with modern time we ensure that practical knowledge is equally important to theoretical one for an all round development of the student. For this purpose the school has laboratories in different disciplines which provide in deeper knowledge to its pupils. The student friendly atmosphere in these laboratories help us to enrich the over all personality of the student. Once the student proceeds to the senior classes the Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories are designed to take care of the needs of the students to perform experiments. All the laboratories of our school are well equipped with all the modern basic facilities required for secondary school. They are well ventilated, fitted with exhaust fan, fire safety devices and First Aid Kits. Each of these can accommodate 30 to 35 students at a time. In Chemistry and Biology each shelf has a sink and in Chemistry it has a gas pipeline. Environment friendly methods are used to dispose unused chemicals, faulty spare gadgets and devices. Each year the laboratories are updated with new equipments. 


Computer Lab 
Our School Computer Lab is well equipped with sufficient number of computers with updated softwares. Students visit the lab for demo classes followed by lab activities where they get hands on practice on different tools and programs to enhance their technical skills in the field of information technology. 


The school has a well stocked and well maintained Library consisting of about 10,000 books covering various subjects. These are easily made available to the students with the view in mind that good reading habits help the students in acquiring power of imagination, expression and appreciation of literature. Reading habits also help in improving comprehension, accuracy, fluency and vocabulary. It provokes questioning, helps in generating ideas and inspires students to think. We have also good number of magazines, periodicals and journals from national and international publications which help the students to keep abreast with the time and widen their worldview. Every year new books are added to the library. Students come to the library in their library periods and read books/magazines of their interest. Books are also issued to them to read in their free time. Our students take pride in their school library and make best use of it.

Smart Classes
Technology has brought innovations into the classroom, innovations that not only make it easy to understand and enhance knowledge, but also make it fun and interactive. Smart Class initiative brings a new dimension to the classroom - by using interactive content to facilitate conventional teachng. The system is designed to assist teachers in meeting with their classroom challenges and enhancing student's academic performance with simple, practical and meaningful use of technology. It aids teachers with instant access to relevant instructor led multimedia content and instruction materials.

Other Facilities Included :

  • Transport
  • Dispensary