St. Mary's Secondary School

Recommendations to Parents

The School recognizes parents as the chief educators of their children. Therefore ot seeks their co-operation and involvement of utmost importance. They should acquaint themselves with the vision, philosophy and policy of the school through actively collaborating with the school in tis out reach program's and other attempts in making the school community an effective agent of social change. The management hope to ensure this participation and partnership among the management, staff and parents through regular parent teacher meeting, informal contacts with parentsetc. Normally second Saturdays are kept apart for parent-teacher meeting unless intimated otherwise.

Children should not be forced to study for longer periods. Private tutions is absolutely forbidden without prior discussion with the Principal and her consent except in exceptional cases where a child has missed class due to prolonged illness. Tution is injurious to genuine progress, as the child is not encouraged to learn self study skills and is prone to being inattentive, distracted and indisicplined in the class. A child has tremendous potential hidden in her/him which needs to be tapped. Self study improves thinking and concentration and build confidence in the child. Private tution makes them dependent. Good eating habits, personal time-table for work, study, rest and recreation will discipline the life of a child. Parents are requested not to aproach the school teachers for private tution which will encourage the teachers not to teach well in the school.