St. Mary's Secondary School

School Dress

Code and Uniform

  1. The school expects student's dress and grooming to reflect high standard of personal conduct so that their attire promotes a safe and positive atmosphere within the school. Parents,/Guardians are requested to assume responsibility and co-operate with the school authorites in order to ensure that the students adhere to the school's specific dress code.
    • Any form of jewellery like chains, rings, nose pins etc. is not allowed in the school. However girls are permitted to wear a set of small stud, only in the ear lobe, for the loss of which school is not responsible.
    • Wrist watch is not alowed upto class X. However it is permitted for class X students only duting examiinations.
    • Applying henna, streaking/colouring hair, applying nail polish or keeping long nails, tattoing and applying gel is strongly prohibited as it steals the educative atmosphere from the class room and school campus.
    • Use of motor Cycles/Scooter/Cars and exchange of gifts is strictly prohibited.
  2. Specification related to hair
    For Girls :
    • Girls can either have their hair cut very short in which case they have to wear a sky blue band.
    • Hair till the nape of the neck must be secured away from the face with a sky blue stretch hand
    • In case the hair length fails below the shoulders level it must be braided into two plaits and folded in double.
    • Girls should use only prescribed sky blue ribbon.
    For Boys :
    • Boys have to have simple hair cut.

    Parents will be contacted about their ward if the school administration feels that the dress code is violated or if the student's appearence cause a disturbance, a distraction or is a safely hazard.